Saved From Certain Death

1/6/15 – Tonight we took in these 2 animals (strays) that are hospitalized with Hypothermia. One of them very critical and fighting for his life (Beagle). His temperature still not registering. Found tucked behind a dumpster in a trailor park on 8 mile and Ryan. Warren Police were kind enough to bring him in for help, but Eastpointe Police (called 3 times), wouldn’t do anything for the other dog except tell the resident that animal control can be contacted on Thursday or they can lure the dog out of the yard and just let it run away. Well, thank God for people who CARE like Laura from “Mutts of Motown” and Jen and Nick from “Misfit Angels”, because they dropped everything to come out and help catch this white dog regardless… If not, he would’ve been dead by morning or near death. He had been trapped for over 2 days! Resources are slim to none and my advice is to step-up and do something besides watch an animal freeze to death. A leash, some food, blankets, and a spare room/bathroom will usually help. Unfortunately, (most of the time), you just cannot rely on public safety or Animal Control for these kinds of emergencies (especially at night). The animal will be dead by then.
Thank you Dr. Maria and Lisa for watching over these patients all night. ♡

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