Buddy – Walking the Streets in Sub Zero Temperatures

1/8/15 HELP NEEDED, Port Huron Michigan: The following posting was made by Samantha Venette to our page: “ISO vet care and a home for this cat. He is getting worse as the weather gets colder and I have female kittens so I cannot take him in. He is hurt and probably going to die if nobody helps him soon”

I advised Samantha of the following but as of 8 hours ago, he is still on her porch crying. I have no contacts in the Port Huron area. If anyone can help, please contact Samantha. ~ diana

“Samantha Venette has contacted us about a cat who has been living on her porch who appears to be in danger of freezing. She said she made a small shelter but I doubt it is ample, she has female kittens and is afraid to bring him in. I asked her to bring in the cat and keep him in a bathroom or somewhere for now while I can try to get help. I also told her to bring the cat into the Humane Society of St. Clair but it appears she has done none of this and just says the cat is crying and that he’ll die soon. She is in the south end of Port Huron. I don’t know anyone in the area that can provide quick assistance. Her number is 810-841-4277 and if there is anything you can do, a life may be saved 4 Paws 1 Heart will help with vetting. ” ~ diana

1/8/15 Update:  Update: a wonderful person has already contacted Samantha and will be bringing him in for the night. A rescue has offered to help. We’ll all be working together. Thank you everyone. I’ll keep you posted. – Diana

1/9/15 – Good Morning Happy News!! Again, thank you Samantha for contacting us and an extra big thank you to Jennifer for driving from Royal Oak to Port Huron on a cold and snowy night to save a cat from freezing. He is safe, warm, sweet and in need of a clean up. He will be taken to a veterinary today to be vetted and checked for a microchip, For the Love of Louie will also be checked to make sure he wasn’t reported lost. In the meantime, Jennifer will continue to give him love, food, and most importantly shelter. Thank You everyone who shared and helped in this effort. Please, please get involved if you see an animal outside and unprotected. ~ diana


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