Blitzen – Along in a Parking Lot with an Injured Leg – Recovering and Looking For Her Forever Home

3/8/15 – Blitzen was found in a dark parking lot not being able to use one of her legs. A good samaritan brought her to the emergency and she was found to have a smashed paw. There was speculation that she would have to have her leg amputated. Fortunately, our good friends at Tigerlily Cat Rescue took her in and have been working very hard to save her leg. Look at how beautiful she is!  Here is a message from Tigerlily Cat Rescue ~ diana

“Update for 4 Paws 1 Heart on this little sweetie … 
Adorable little Blitzen had a photo shoot yesterday! She is such an adorable and funny little girl. Next week is her 3rd week of cold laser therapy on her crushed front paw – she’s not the best patient for the laser as sitting still is not really her thing! But, we are seeing her use the paw more!!!”blitzen3:7:15

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