“I Need Help” Over 30 Cats/Kittens in One Home in a Hoarder’s Home in Warren, MI

2/23/15 – The many ways your donations are spent. I was contacted late last week about a situation where a home was “overrun with cats”. I spoke with the person looking for help and was told that an animal control officer had just advised him that a complaint had been received and that something needed to be done with the cats. In our conversation I learned that there were at least 30+ cats. I contacted A Hopeful Heart Animal Rescue and with the 4 Paws 1 Heart’s commitment to pay for the medical bills, it was decided to take a planned approach to rescuing the cats and working behind the scenes to find rescue groups who could assist by taking in some of the cats. On Friday, ten cats and eleven two-week old kittens were removed from the house. Today fourteen cats were removed. Nearly all of the cats had some level of health issues; some worse than others. There are still more cats who need to be rescued and besides continuing the effort to get those cats out of harms ways, the next critical step will be to trap many of the ferals who are going in and out of the house and getting them neutered/spayed. If anyone is interested in fostering, please contact Melanie at ahopefulheart@yahoo.com or contact her on the facebook page of A Hopeful Heart. I respectfully ask that judgement not be made and that we just focus on saving the cats and, hopefully, assisting the family in getting help for their issues. Donations are very much appreciated and can be made on the ‘donate’ link on this page or by mailing a check to 4 Paws 1 Heart P.O. Box 84, St. Clair Shores, MI 48080. Here are some photos of some of the babies rescued. ~ diana (P.S. I want to thank the rescues who have already stepped up to take in some of the animals. I will let you know more as we go along).10995363_912232468809052_138986754975118648_n 17815_912233755475590_1598996736244949224_n 10998366_912237385475227_4579157477420901732_n 10456104_912232835475682_5277296846003978739_n 10426182_912234235475542_7273507762630444331_n 10168073_912235085475457_4109249902705063018_n 960301_912233442142288_5512590678684307158_n 11021119_912236695475296_2284759277589698014_n

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