Hansel and Gretel – Backyard Breeders Willing to Sell Puppies to Anyone for $20

4/8/15 – 4 paws 1 Heart recently saved these 2 ADORABLE 8 week old puppies named ” Hansel and Gretel”. They came from a home where the previous owners were selling them for $20 each. This is why we push to spay and neuter your animals! Both puppies could’ve wound up in very bad situations. Unfortunately, we don’t know what happened to the rest of the litter, but we were at least able to help 2, and NO we did not pay for them. Aaron Fortin from NBS Rescue helped us network them into another rescue called POET. With all channels working hard to arrange transport these babies are now in a rescue safe. If u want information on adoption contact POET Rescue. Gina

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