Sky – Almost Attacked by Two Large Dogs While Others Stood By and Encouraged It

4/2/15 – sky4:2:15Her new name is “Sky”.. Last night she was saved when a good Samaritan witnessed 2 large dogs about to attack her. The owners of the dog’s were encouraging the attack. This 30# puppy tried to escape under a fence…frightened to death. A very brave animal lover who heard the commotion stepped in to help and took this beautiful girl away. She was brave and stood up to the guys who had every intention to hurt this puppy. The lady literally saved this puppy. We offered to help take over because she couldn’t hold on to the pup. She is now ours unless an owner is found. Her body is filthy, ears infected, skin is full of sores, old bite wounds on both ears, etc.. Estimated age 5 months. We will update more soon.. Gina

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