Paddy – Upper Respiratory Infection May Result in Eye Removal

5/12/15 – Meet Paddy and his story from his foster mom, Jacque. 4 Paws 1 Heart is happy to pay for Paddy’s visit to our favorite eye specialist, Dr. Easton of Veterinary Vision of Rochester. ~ Diana

“Paddy was born around March 17. He was brought to Fortunate Felines Adoption League. We don’t have much information on him. When I got him, both eyes were swollen and crusted shut. His left eye was hugely swollen. I tried for 2 days to clean the crust off enough to get eye drops in. Both were leaking clear liquid so fast, they would stick shut fast. He was so little and so scared.
Once I got his eyes open, both were milky white. His 3rd eye was also stuck shut. A friend of mine told me to try brewing some tea and cool it off and wipe his eyes with it. Within a day, he could open them. But his 3rd eye was still down. He still can’t see out of the one eye. The other is very limited. He is playful and very sweet. He loves to sit on my lap and at my feet. He is 1lb. 1 oz as of last week. He just purrs away. He has had his 1st shots. His veterinarian feels the left eye ruptured but that Paddy should see a specialist before having his eye removed. ~ Jacque”Upppaddy:::w:jacquetiege5:12:15 paddy5:12:15

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