STORM – Now with Feline Friends – Still Looking for Her Forever Family

Good Morning Everyone! My name is Storm. I’m 5 weeks old now and as you can see, I’m as cute as can be and my foster mom says I’m a sweetheart. I was found bysome landscapers and when they asked the property owner what to do with me, they were told to just throw me away! Thankfully, the nice landscapers took me to 4 Paws 1 Heart, and they called Feline Friends and asked if they would take me. I wasn’t eating and was having issues going potty. Karen, the nice lady at Feline Friends took me when I was just 4 weeks old and worked her magic! I’m doing great now and living with my foster mom, Debbie, who is showering me with love and affection! Stay tuned to the Feline Friends Facebook page for my future updates on how life’s going for me! xoxo – May 6, 2015storm5:8:15

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