Molly and McGee – Left in a High Kill Shelter

5/9/15 – Good Morning Friends, This is how your donations are spent! Here is a happy update from our friend, Patricia, foster mom to the two cats rescued from the Humane Society of Macomb. Although, these babies are settling in to their wonderful foster home, homes are still needed for the many cats and kittens being dumped or found on the streets. Anyone interested in being a foster should go to our Friends of 4 Paws 1 Heartpage and let us know.Although we are not a rescue, we are often called on to assist and we have may partners we could match you up with. Here is Patricia’s update. ~ diana

“Update on our two precious babies we got from the shelter. They are now Molly and Mcgee. Both are doing well, in a safe and quiet invironment to give them the time to recover and heal. Mcgee surprised me when he immediately took to the dry kitten food and a good appetite. Molly is going to take some more care with the food issue. She is still not eating on her own. But I now have her on a 4 hour feeding schedule and she is able to take approx. 4 tablespoons of prescription food at a feeding. She gets it with a syringe and although she hates it, she is able to keep it down which the vet said is a good sign. I did get their weight from the vet and both weighed in at 7 pounds 8 ounces each. But that was when Molly was pregnant. She now weighs closer to 6 pounds 3 ounces since she lost them.
Both just love all the attention they are getting. Mcgee will sleep on top of Mollys crate and they both seem very close. They have to be kept separate as neither one are fixed.
Both are still on meds for their respiritory infection, but we have already noticed their breathing is better. There is no weeping of the eyes or nose. And tonight after Molly ate and got her meds Bree got out a couple of toys just to see how she would respond and she did! Although very weak, she showed an interest in playing. We didn’t overdue it, she needs rest but it was great to see that she wants to play, is grooming herself and the will to live is there. And boy do they crave the love. It breaks my heart that these two darlings probably got no love at all. We have settled into a good routine here and I don’t want to disrupt it, these babies need stability, so on a good note, and i’ll share more later, I got one of my boys adopted out today!!! I still have the black cat, I think he was just scared out of his wits and is settling down. He feels safer in a crate. I have posted on several sites to find his owners, when I find two minutes to spare will get him up on for The Love of Louie and any other place I can find. This is the guy I wasn’t supposed to keep! But, we are all ok and have it down to a science. Here is Molly and McGee.” – Patricia  5-10-15molly5:9:15 McGee5:9:15

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