The Kittens of Summer – 2015

6/17/15 – What a day yesterday was!! It just never seems to end — no matter how many cats we have paid to have neutered and spayed, the kittens roaming the streets this season has been overwhelming. Here are two more who came to our attention yesterday. The first is Binx. Megan from Friends of Scooby, who we’ve helped with medical bills in the past, contacted me about a beautiful black kitten who fell out of the hood of her grandparents’ car. The poor little guy seemed to have a big lump around his anus. We agreed to pay for the medical and our good friend, Patricia D., offered to take him in. The little guy is only 3 weeks old and was sent home with some medication and stool softener.

The grey baby showed up on a porch. His eyes were a little crusted shut and the person who contacted us was worried because the mom hadn’t been seen in days. The baby was crying on her porch but she has three large dogs. Late last night, this kind woman met up with our great friend, Patricia B., who will take this little 3-week old into her home with her current brood of kittens. This baby will be vetted and treated complements of 4 Paws 1 Heart.


patriciabrownkitten2-6:17:15 patriciabrownkitten6:17:15

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