EMMA- Emaciated and Alone AND Shot Purposely with a B-B Gun

5/25/15 – Last week we received so many calls for medical help. So many little ones found on the streets requiring medical assistance. Thankfully, I could say “yes” to these caring people who made the effort to save. This is Emma. She was found alone, emaciated, riddled with fleas and ear mites. But beyond all of this, the kind rescuer was concerned by a bump Emma had on her chest. We authorized Emma to be seen by a veterinarian and they found that the bump was a BB!!! Someone actually purposely shot this poor animal with a BB gun! The bb was removed and Emma was treated for the fleas and an ear infection. She is doing well after her visit. When she is ready, 4 Paws 1 Heart will make sure that Emma will be spayed. If anyone is interested in adopting this sweetheart, please contact Hannah at hpawlak_2013@icloud.com ~ dianaemmaw:hannahpawlik5:23:15

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