Kittens – Spaying and Neutering is the Only Answer

We are thankful that we can support all of the caring people who don’t turn their backs on those who need us. Here’s a note from her rescuer.  diana

Hello everyone! I just wanted to give a HUGE heartfelt thank you to Diana and to 4 paws 1 heart. After seeing a post on another website of kittens in urgent need of a foster and medical care, I decided to try and help out. After meeting the woman who had got the kittens from the Lapeer farm at Wilsons vet In Romeo, It was determined that the kittens were so sick and needed to stay for medical treatment and further evaluation. Kittens had low blood sugars, worms and were extremely frail. After a lot of love and care kittens were tested and came up positive for Feline Leukemia (could be a false positive) however due to me having a cat at home I unfortunately could not at that point bring them to my home. I found a foster through all you wonderful people to take them on Monday. The vet bill was quite high and 4 paws and Diana were so generous to step in and help out. I cannot say thank you enough for helping me save these babies. They are currently with me at my parents until their new foster can bring them to her home. Here they are below on the path to healthiness and happiness. Thank you so much again and god bless you all for what you do! ~ Sarah”saraholejarcyzk5:23:15

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