MOLLY – Sitting for Days Without Food and Pregnant in a High-Kill Shelter

5/18/15 – Prayers and Positive Energy Needed – Our Molly is in the hospital under the care of our best miracle worker and the great staff of the Animal Urgent and Critical Care Center. Molly was taken to the veterinary on Friday because she still did not want to eat. After running a panel of blood tests, the doctor suspected that Molly’s stomach had become upset by an over dosage of medication as prescribed by the Humane Society of Macomb (where Molly was on death row and was given the antibiotics when she was molly5:28:15removed). Yesterday her foster mom called and we decided to have her be seen under Gina’s watchful eye. The report as of this morning is that there is still uncertainty as to why Molly will not eat. The doctor does concur with the prior veterinarian who suggested the problem might be related to an over dosage of medication; Molly was getting 5 ml’s of antibiotics a day when she was supposed to be getting only 1.5 ml’s a day. Unfortunately, the label on the script was misinterpreted for ten days. Molly could be suffering from severe gastrointestinal ulcers. Molly is now on IV stomach protectants, IV fluids, injectable appetite stimulant, a new antibiotic and pain meds. Blood work, x- rays, and a felv/fiv test (negative) were performed. She will probably be hospitalized for a few days, and with all of this, she still is suffering from an upper respiratory infection. After a few days, Molly’s treatment will be reassessed. Along with your prayers, please remember that both Molly and McGee will be looking for their forever homes. There is no doubt that McGee will be missing his partner. ~ diana

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