Somerset – Sitting Up and Eating

8/21/15 – Update on our little “Somerset”. We’re taking things one day at a time but she is not out of the woods. Last night there was blood work done and things did not look as great as we had hoped. She pooped out about 25 worms in the last two days, even had one crawl out of her mouth!!! She is anemic (probably due to the heavy worm burden), and we’re hoping that with those worms out of her system her anemia won’t get worse. She is for the most part eating on her own (as you can see), and she is sweet as can be. However there are random blisters showing up on her chest and we don’t know why or where they are coming from. Might be related to the trauma to her left front leg. She is on antibiotics and we will update again as soon as we know more. Please keep your prayers going we need all the prayers we can get for her survival. ~ Ginasomerset8:21:15


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