Shih Tzu/Yorkies – One Week Old Orphans

The other night we agreed to help these 5 shih tzu/yorkie babies. The mom became very sick and had to be euthanized leaving a litter of one week old puppies behind. This was her 3rd litter and resulted in ending her life at only 3 years old. Why? Because of uneducated people breeding animals without the ability to take care of complications when they arise. That is not love and that put 6 additional lives at risk (the puppies). SAD..
*please do not breed*
*please spay/neuter your animal*
*please don’t put your animal or more puppies like this at risk*
This is a HUGE commitment and I couldn’t have started this without the help from the amazing orphan professional, Amanda Morris. We divided the litter and I’m feeling much less overwhelmed. Again, any donations towards care is always helpful. orphan babies 12:19:15 -4orphan babies12:19:15 - 5orphan babies1:19:15 - 3orphan babies12:19:15 -1orphanbabies 12:19:15 - 2

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