Noelle – Another Baby With Parvo Virus is Brought into the ER

12/10/15 Our newest addition needs your prayers tonight because she has a 50/50 chance of survival. We are calling her Noelle.. She is 5 months old and was diagnosed with Parvo Virus. She was surrendered because the family had no money for treatment, and we committed to taking over her care. This is the 2nd litter of puppies their dog has had with Parvo Virus, and yet again the animal that didn’t choose to be born is suffering. A puppy from their last litter suffered to death from the same thing and had to be euthanized. They waited 2 days before bringing this pup in knowing she likely had parvo. Now she is skin and bones with bloody diarrhea and vomiting. The point is, people that can not financially take care of an animal shouldn’t have one! If there were repercussions this might happen less often, but people are allowed to breed. People are allowed to adopt and people use their animals as a means of income. There is NO excuse for this to have happened again. This puppy is old enough to have been fully vaccinated and she isn’t. The mom should have been fixed after the last litter died. Please say prayers for this baby girl and please keep her in your thoughts.noelle 12:10:15

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