Cupid – Prayers Needed for This Baby Born to Backyard Breeders

2/9/16 – Cupid 2:9:16Cupid---2:9:16Cupid**2:9:16Many Prayers are needed right now for this puppy I am calling Cupid. He is the result of breeding by uneducated humans who had no clue about proper nutrition. He was weaned from the mom at about 4 weeks old, and then he was given human milk only for another 4 weeks. He was adopted for a hefty price and then taken to a vet for vaccines. The next day he was taken to emergency unresponsive. Dr. Graves and the staff worked aggressively to get him stabilized, and after 24 hours a decision had to be made. Ultimately, he was surrendered to 4 paws 1 heart for a chance to survive. This puppy is 1 pound of all bones and his eyes were sealed shut. He reminds me of our little Peanut we recently posted about. Malnourishment cases like this take weeks of recovery and can have permanent issues with growth. Only time will tell, but because he is making baby steps of improvement I am happy! Therefore, I will try my best. Gina

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