Buttercup – Recovering

3/17/16 – buttercup 3:17:16Buttercup update..
This puppy has come a long way. She had a very large open wound (fistulas) around her anus due to ruptured anal glands. The skin was gone and she was a huge risk for incontinence and ultimately humane euthanasia. We took her into our care just before it was too late to save her. Dr. Graves provided a detailed treatment plan consisting of several medications required to save Buttercup. It worked awesome and we are all so thankful!!! It has been 2 weeks of hospitalization and I can say that Buttercup is ready for the next chapter in her journey. Thank you for all the prayers, and if you made a donation towards her care to help us, we certainly appreciate it!! Buttercup needs to be fixed and vaccinated and then she is ready to find that forever home!! ♡♡♡ Gina

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