Marmalade – Once a Pet, Suffered on the Cold Streets Alone

2/24/16 – Meet Marmalade. We were contacted by her rescuer, Jeanine D. who needed our financial help. Here’s her message:

“I rescued a cat from the cold yesterday who had severe hypothermia. I took him to a vet and he made it through the night, but will need more medical care to recover. Feral Kitty Trappers is taking him on, but could desperately use some financial assistance for his vet bills – he will have to stay there for a few more nights as he continues to recover. Could 4 PAWS 1 HEART help with any of his vet bills? He was near death when we got to him and another cat had already frozen to death – both most likely dumped, not ferals. Crafty Cat is going to take him on for adoption as soon as he is well, so getting him well is the only hurdle we have. His name is Marmalade. – Jeanine”

Of course, we helped and Marmalade is doing well. Please realize that cats who have been pets cannot survive on the streets; they don’t have the skills or the stamina of the ferals. In the below freezing temperatures, these cats and kittens will freeze and die a horrible death. It is up to us to protect the innocents. ~ diana

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