Scarlett – Purchased for $12 from A Person on Drugs

3/14/16 – I just received an update on Scarlet and I realized that I may never had reported on her when we first came to her assistance last year. As you can see, she is doing great with her rescuer.

” Scarlett (AKA Little Girl) Exactly one year prior to rescuing Valentino..My husband and I bought her for $12 from a drug addict in SW Detroit. She was being dragged by a tow chain in bitter below zero temps till her pads were basically ripped off of her feet. She laid in my sons bed for 3 days before she could walk…it then was a week before I could coax her out of the bedroom and yet another week before she would go downstairs into the house…she was severely abused and after the first month of attempting to adopt her out…I couldn’t do it. She is my baby girl and if it werent for Diana…4 paws 1 heart…it would’ve made it nearly impossible to keep up the vet bills as she had multiple allergies and foot issues. She is my baby and her past time is tearing up leather couches LOL. – Rita”

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