Bella – Saved One Day Before Having Babies

4/4/16 – If you had any doubt that the official kitten season has started — don’t. Another family has been saved because of people working together. This is Bella. On March 30 we were contacted by Francine L., who we’ve helped with rescue medical bills on several occasions. Francine said that she had been contacted about a cat who had staked out a porch. A very nice couple had been feeding the cat and they thought the cat might be pregnant. Francine picked up Bella that night and 4 Paws 1 Heart made arrangements for Bella to be seen by a vet on April 1. On April 2, this beauty had kittens!! Can you imagine if Bella had not been saved and had to go through labor on that snowy, wet Saturday?? When ready, Bella and her babies will be going to Guardian Angels Animal Rescue. This is what a village is all about. God’s Blessings to this beautiful family and all of our friends who play a role in their lives. ~ dianaBella4:3:16Bella w:herbabies4:3:16

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