Domino – He Knew the Right Porch to Visit

3/30/16 – Meet Domino – She showed up on the porch of our friend Natalie. Natalie is the person who took in her friend’s cats after her friend was found murdered in her home. 4 Paws 1 Heart was happy to help Natalie then and once again she needed our help. Little Domino is under one year old and very small for her age. She is very sweet and Natalie felt strongly that she had been someone’s pet. Unfortunately, all attempts to find an owner have thus far failed. 4 Paws 1 Heart has taken care of all medical needs and Natalie will find Domino his forever home. ~ dianadominow:nataliemeray


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2 comments on “Domino – He Knew the Right Porch to Visit

  1. 224,625 Please I have a 6 Year old cat male, neutered, very lovable, good with children.
    Since my mother has passed away I have tried to give him a good home but little
    did I know that he does not get along well with other animals. Beings I have a furry family of my own I can not keep him any more. So I have been looking for a home for him with no possibilities yet I was hoping maybe you could help me out. I have had to keep him locked up when not supervised and that’s no way for him to live. So if there is anything you can do for me please let me know. My phone number
    is (586)665-0767 or you can email me at [email protected] Thank you

    Janine Hysell

    • I’m sorry Janine but we are not a rescue. I’m not sure when you sent this but I hope you have since found a loving home.