Myk – Rescued from a Life of Abuse

4/25/16 – The following message was posted to our page and we couldn’t turn our back. No living being should ever have to suffer at the hands of ‘humans’, life in the wild is hard enough. Thanks to our supporters, we are happy to give this beautiful survivor a second chance at love and happiness: ~ diana

“Our family recently rescued a 1yr old Mastiff/Great Dane named Mike that was living a horrible life spending most of her life in a cage or locked in a barn with little to no attention or socialization and was beaten with a chain leash whenever she did anything wrong and we believe she was inhumanely spayed by a guy on Craigslist that does it in his mobile vehicle but thats just what we think from the bits and pieces we were told by the previous owner and by the vet due to her scars. When we brought her home she started throwing up everywhere non stop for 2 days straight and wasn’t eating and she is very skinny and underweight so we took her to get checked at the vet and discovered she was really sick and had been for awhile and had not received any medical treatment. The vet was very concerned and wanted to hospitalize her because she was severely dehydrated and needed IV fluids, the vet said they were concerned that if she didn’t receive treatment in the next few days she will probably die. They also discovered lacerations in her mouth and said they believe she has eaten a foreign object or something toxic and it could affect her other organs. After the exam and an IV was given they explained that she needed some tests like blood work etc. and x-rays to pin point the problem but it wasn’t something that could be fixed with medication, she will either need surgery or intensive treatment and they sent me home with a couple days worth of 4 medications that they said would help make her feel a little better long enough to give me time to come up with the money. I would really like to see mike live a long, happy healthy life with me and my children but if she doesn’t get testing and then start treatment very soon I’m afraid she will not make it and I am currently unemployed at the moment and receiving assistance from an agency to pay my bills but my heart just couldn’t let that dog stay in those living conditions which is why we adopted her and she has already become a part of our family!! Thank you so much it would mean a lot to me and my family.-Christina”

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