Odin – After One Year Finds His Perfect Family

4/19/16 – So after so many disturbing stories about the treatment of innocent animals, I wanted to give our friends the GREAT news!! Our little Odin has been officially adopted. You may remember that Odin suffered minor injuries after being hit by a car. He was brought to the Emergency where 4 Paws 1 Heart paid for his medical treatment and Gina took him into her home during his recovery. High energy Odin loved Gina’s baby, Angel, but he longed for a family of his own. One year later, Odin has found the perfect family!!! He has fur siblings, human siblings, a mom who is a trainer and a dad who is very excited to make Odin a member of their family. After only a short while, Odin has made himself at home (he’s the guy at the bottom of the photo). Good Luck, Sweet Boy. We are so happy for you. xox ~ diana

odin in new home 4:19:16
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