Khaleesi – Pregnant and Saved

Khaleesi5:16:165/16/16 – Kittens are blooming. A very kind couple who “knew nothing about birthing cat babies” contacted us for advise. Of course we put her in touch with our resident kitty mom, Denise Najera, and the mama was brought inside. Mama (Khaleesi) will be going to the vet to be tested and wellness checked and then she will be safe and cared for until her babies are born and weened. Hopefully, homes will be found for everyone. I’m sure we will be kept updated and 4 Paws 1 Heart will be there for all of their medical needs. ~ diana

“My husband and I found this super sweet girl behind a dumpster and after noticing she was very pregnant decided to give her some warmer shelter in our garage to await rescue/adoption while in anticipation of her babies. She’s extremely loveable, is litterbox trained, and has a beautiful heather gray/beige/white coloring to boot! Will keep updates coming especially since our friend Denise Najera at A Second Chance for Chance says babies should be here in about a week! – Jess”

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