Seven Cats Survive in a House Fire Where Over 50 Cats Died.

5/1/16 – There are numerous cats in another home owned by the same person. Most cats have been fixed and well cared for but it is an overwhelming situation. We are working with a representative of the owner to find rescues who might be able to help in taking on the domesticated cats before an organization comes in who will euthanize them. The over population of cats in our communities is horrendous but totally controllable if people and government would work together and truly care about living beings. Cats seem to be the second class citizens of the domestic animal world. People will leave them behind, dump them, let them roam without being fixed, and torture them. Cities will pay to have their animal control officers pick them up and have them killed. This is the perfect example of a person who just got caught up trying to help; she used her own money to get them fixed and feed them. But, no one person can possibly handle something like this, especially in an area where your own life is often at stake. Shawn Ley Please share. There are approximately 20-30 more cats look for a safe place. You can message me on this page with your e mail address or phone number and I will pass it on to the representative. ~ diana

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