Cats Who Survived a Firebombed House and A House with Over 25 Cats

6/5/16 – You may remember our posting about a house which was fire bombed in Detroit, Approximately 50 cats and a couple of dogs, who were kept in the home, perished. Seven cats and a dog were rescued by caring Detroit Firefighters. One cat remains with our friend, Denise Najera, and these six are at the petco store in Roseville (Masonic and Gratiot). An additional 25+ cats were found in another home owned by the same person who owned the firebombed house. The medical bills for all of these sweeties were paid by 4 Paws 1 Heart and they are now available for adoption through A Hopeful Heart. Please share and let’s try and get these poor babies, who have been through so much, a forever loving home. ~ diana13322191_1165327533499543_5317018979762179386_n 13327530_1165327630166200_5614793299953179746_n 13335529_1165327090166254_4142834672255212144_n 13335996_1165327276832902_612891509318046367_n 13339619_1165327480166215_6522052036922867175_n 13319918_1165327393499557_457321959514616255_n

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