Kittens – Rescued and Forever Homes Found

6/14/16 – We do not discriminate as to the animals we help. As long as we have the funds, we will always be there to help any abandoned/stray companion animal. It just so happens that this time of year, the requests for help with kittens and moms are overwhelming. The positive is that there are so many kind and loving people who not only rescue but go through the arduous task of finding that purrfect, forever home. Here are five more babies helped by 4 Paws 1 Heart and saved by Alyssa G. All five have pending homes. One kitten will be going into a home with kitten buddies, and the other four are going into two homes. We love when siblings can remain together. I truly believe they know that they have that special bond that siblings have. ~ dianakittens 6:14:16 kittens 6:14:16** kittens6:14:16--

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