Chewie – Adopted Out with Parvo by a Backyard Chewie

6/30/16 – Prayers and Positive Energy Needed!! Please share and BEWARE – This little 3 lb. baby was adopted to a loving family on June 23. His name is Chewie. The family had just lost their family dog of 12 years and were hoping to fill their hearts with another dog they could love. Unfortunately, they answered an ad on Hoobly. The puppy was advertised as an 8 week old Chihuahua/Dachshund mix. The first couple of days the puppy was playful and seemed healthy but just a couple of days later he became lethargic and not eating. They immediately took him to the hospital and he tested positive for parvo. Anyone who has had to treat a dog for a serious illnesses such as parvo, heart worm, intestinal blockages, know that these costs can be exorbitant, especially for a young family. When the family contacted the ‘lowlife’ prior owner/obvious breeder, she claimed that she no longer had their $175 and that the dogs actually belonged to her brother who she couldn’t get in touch with. The family’s attempt to get help from the people responsible for this poor baby’s illness fell on deaf, charlatan, ears. The family contacted us in desperation. Because this baby had so recently come into this family, we agreed to help with some of the medical bills. At this time Chewie is still in the hospital (he went in June 27); he hasn’t gotten better but he hasn’t gotten worse — so there is still hope. Gina said that at this size, this disease can be very difficult to fight. Please pray for Chewie and his family and PLEASE do not buy pets from backyard breeders (actually I’m not in favor of any breeders but that is just my personal opinion). In this case, other puppies were in the litter and more than likely they have died or are in hospitals. This is why animals are vaccinated and when older must have flea/mosquito preventatives. Always do your research and adopt your new family member from a legitimate rescue or shelter. ~ diana

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