Carrot Cake – Living Outdoors and Needing Medical Assistance

1carrot-cake-11131611/13/16 – This is Carrot Cake. He is a handsome feral cat who has been cared for over the last couple of years as an ‘outdoor cat’. A feral cat is one who has spent his/her life outdoors and can no loner be domesticated to live in a home as a ‘pet’. This does not mean they should be loved any less and it is our responsibility to help these wonderful animals live their life with shelter and food. Very often, these beautiful animals will get injured or become ill and we are thankful when we can help make their lives better. Carrot Cake recently came down with an Upper Respiratory Infection; left untreated, his eye would need removal. Thank You to his wonderful caregiver for trapping him, contacting us, getting him to the vet, and keeping him for a couple of days to make sure he is healthy enough before going back outside. ~ diana

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