Dewey – He Had a Hole in His Diaphragm and His Organs Were Fused Together

10/31/16 – deweydewey-103116dewey-2-103116Happy Halloween Update: Dewey’s mom and dad, gave us a happy update.

“Pets are work. They cost us money and we have to teach them to live with us in our civil homes. Sometimes they get sick. But they are worth it because in our opinion, they give us more than we could ever hope for. When both of our family pets passed at 18 years old, there was a portion of time when my husband and I would get home and no furry being would greet us. It felt empty. Months later, I saw the sweet, sad, Eeyore-like eyes of Dewey in a picture posted by 4 paws 1 heart on Facebook. He had an IV. I am a nurse and I immediately felt the draw to care for this animal. He was mine; I knew it. Dewey had a diaphragmatic hernia. He needed a large sugery. There was a hole in his diaphragm and his organs had fused together. The organs had to be separated and the hole
closed. It is hard for a person to recover from that, let a lone a cat. But Dewey did. My colleagues think it is crazy that they would do that for a “cat.” But every time I am having a bad day and I see his sweet, imploring eyes or feel his weight on my lap I am SO grateful for the chance that was taken on him. Everytime he makes me laugh because he is clumsy, playful, quick, and persistent with his cat sister, Lyra, I am thankful.
My husband was nervous he would be sickly. He’s a “normal” cat, just a little clumsy at times. Dewey and my husband, Andrew, are best friends. Andrew often says,”I don’t know what we would do without our cats. We recently moved from Michigan to New Mexico. It has been a hard transition. Dewey and Lyra are our homesick medicine, our comedy show, our cuddle buddies, our bridge to each other and our families at home. Their “grandparents” love to get pictures of their antics. It may seem silly to some, but our pets are worth more than anything to us. Everyday we are grateful for both of our cats and the people who provided the medical care for them so that, despite the odds, fate brought them to us. Fate gave us these little souls to be connected with and they literally make every single day better. Pets who get rescued are the lucky ones; those who care for them are luckier. Thank you, thank you, thank you to those who donate to 4 Paws 1 Heart and all of the people involved who spend their time and put their energy into this organization. You make a difference in sweet animal’s lives everyday and in turn, people’s too.

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