Johnny the Kitten – Rescued With A Broken Leg

3/9/17 – Happy Update!! It was in July, 2015 when we were contacted about Johnny the Kitten.

“7/29/15 – Meet Johnny the Kitten. He is about 10 weeks old and his leg was broken when a calf accidentally stepped on it. A very kind woman rescued him, took him to a vet and immediately got him help using her own money. We commend the rescuer and the veterinarian who performed surgery and provided a payment plan to the rescuer (very few do). We were happy to help with the medical bill and have since learned that Johnny is doing great. As his rescuer Samantha said “I took this baby because he has no voice and he has been like this for at least two days that I know of. He is very sweet and loving. He deserves a chance. He has a long life ahead of him. diana”

Yesterday we received an update from his mom and savior, Samantha Adams :

“I am sure you guys remember Johnny the kitten with a broken leg.( how could you forget that face?) Here he is now a whopping 15lb. I just wanted to take the time once again to thank you! I may have stumbled across him accidentally. But he has definitely won my heart over time and time again. – Samantha”

Here is Johnny the Kitten’s photo today, after he was rescued and taken to the vet, and after he settled in with his new family. I so love hearing the happy updates so that I can share the news with our supporter. ~ dianajohnny the Kitten 3:9:17johnny the kitten 2015johnny the kitten - 2015

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