Julius – Rescued from the Streets with an Abscess on His Cheek

Another Happy Update from a rescue friend:

Julius 3:1:17“Thank you, 4 Paws 1 Heart, and all who support you. When the snow flies, I’ve taken to feeding the neighbor critters; mostly kitties. Last year I took in a 2 yr old Siamese mix male, and with 4P1H’s help, he was vetted and neutered, staying with my furbaby and I till he found the right home. That day came two weeks ago. Hallelujah for Toepher! (see Toepher’s story by searching the website for Toepfer)
This past Tuesday was an even bigger day. Julius had been a mere flash of orange rounding the neighbor’s garage after an obvious visit to the ‘kitty cafe’ on the front porch. He’d spook at any sound, but came daily for sustenance. Eventually, with great patience, he’d sit on my lap before nibbles. I felt so honored. At the end of July, he had a large abscess on his cheek, and again, 4Paws helped with his care. Fast forward 7 months (looks like 7 is his lucky number) Julius is officially part of the fam and enjoying the quieter household without the youngster who wanted to play when he just wanted to enjoy being safe and fed. I may only be a furmom, but love both my treasures. I rescued them once, but they return the favor every single day.”

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