SweetPea – She was Seen with Her Leg Dangling but Couldn’t Be Caught for Weeks

3/8/17 – It was a couple of weeks ago that I received a call for help from a local resident; a semi-feral cat they had been feeding showed up one night with its leg ‘dangling’. Our cat whisperer, Debra B., immediately jumped into action trying to catch this very injured kitty. At some point, she even saw it running away after she and the animal control officer had almost caught her but she remained elusive. Debra spent many sleepless nights thinking about this cat and what would potentially happen to her, out in the wild with a dangling leg. Yesterday, God was with her and the homeowner and Sweet Pea was trapped. Of course she was scared but she allowed Debra to pet her. She was immediately brought to Patterson Veterinary, Clinton Township. Patterson has so many great doctors who are always willing to call me and discuss the case; they always have the best interests of the animal and 4 Paws 1 Heart in mind. It was determined that Sweet Pea’s leg was totally shattered and could not be saved. With a full schedule ahead of her, the doctor and vet tech worked through their lunch hours so that Sweet Pea would no longer be in pain; her leg was amputated. Sweet Pea is doing well and has been picked up by our friend Jo A. who will work at socializing her, helping her to recover and eventually find her a forever, loving home. Because this was emergency surgery with limited time, Sweet Pea will have to go back for spaying but that will happen when appropriate. Please say a little prayer for Sweet Pea and if you have an extra dollar or two, your donation will continue to save lives. ~ dianasweetpea w:leg removal 3:7:17sweetpea 3:7:17

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