Trap/Neuter/Return – The Kittens Keep Coming

6/12/17 – Since August, 2010, we have paid medical bills for over 4,000 cats and dogs. 75% of those animals have been cats/kittens. It’s not because we seek out felines. Felines are capable of producing more offspring for nearly their entire life. Cats are most prone to be ‘dumped’ by owners when they are no longer wanted because people believe all cats can live in the wild. And, many owners allow their cats to roam freely, often when they are not spayed/neutered, thus resulting in the overpopulation of stray and unwanted kittens. Every time we assist an animal, it will always include spay/neuter. And, even with all of those cats assisted over almost 7 years, we are still inundated with requests to help stray and abandoned felines. Here are nine kittens, all with varying stages of upper respirator infection, recently rescued by our friend Charlotte Y. who not only does TNR (trap, neuter, return) by she also conducts classes. Although these babies are too young to be spayed/neutered, once 4 Paws 1 Heart commits, we follow through until everyone is healthy, fixed and appropriately vaccinated. ~ diana

kittens w:charlotte y 6:12:17
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