Batman – An Orphan Kitten Found Outside

8/2/17 – batman 8:2:17batman -- 8:2:17Meet ” Batman ”
He was recently found outside as an orphan kitten. We took him in under 4 Paws 1 heart, and one of the employees at the hospital has been working closely with him the last few days. She is trying to get him to trust people because he was scared to death. He has made a ton of improvement in just a few days, and I have no doubt he will come around. Batman needs someone who will love him and teach him that humans are not going to hurt him. We don’t know if he was dumped, hurt by someone, or just scared to death. Normally, a young kitten like this is not that terrified even if they have never been held by a human. Please message me on here or email me for more information. He is about 8 weeks old. He Loves food and wants to burrow close to you to feel secure.

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