Hank – Rescued from a Heat Treating Plant

8/10/17 – This little sweetie found his way into a heat-treating plant. The employees were feeding him but the temperatures in the plant could exceed 100 degrees. One of the employees contacted his sister for help. She took the kitten to a vet for a quick check up and brought him home but couldn’t keep him — that is when she contacted us. Of course, we couldn’t do much with placement, but we could offer medical assistance; it also sounded like the poor little guy had a botfly burrowed in him. Long story short – sure enough there was a botfly who started to come out before he could get to the vet. The caretaker was able to pull out the botfly and once again get the kitten’s would cleaned out. After going through all of this, the family who said they couldn’t keep him, fell in love and it looks like Hank has found his forever home. 4p1h will be taking care of vaccines, neutering, testing, and making sure his botfly wound is healing. Thank you to this wonderful family for making a difference! ~ dianahank w:8:8:17hank 8:8:17

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