Remy – He Almost Died From Parvo Virus

7/31/17 – Just because I have posted so many sad cases the last couple of days, I wanted to share this very happy news with you. You may remember Remy. He was found running near a major highway. He became ill, and, after a visit to the Michigan Humane Society clinic, it was suspected that he had Parvo. The family contacted us because they had already fallen in love but couldn’t afford any more medical visits. Remy was seen at Advanced Animal Emergency first who then worked with Dr. Gary at Centerline Veterinary so that Remy could be treated as outpatient. Between the very caring rescuers and the wonderful doctors who work with us, Remy is a healthy, happy, and very loved boy. Here is Remy just 24 days ago and today. He will be soon neutered and vaccinated, complements of 4 Paws 1 Heart and our generous donors. ~ dianaremy 7:31:17remy--before--7:31:17remy before 7:31:17

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