Sophia, Lucas, and Ava – RIP Sweet Babies

UPDATE 11:15 a.m. It is with a heavy heart that I have to inform our friends that the three babies did not make it. The doctor suspects they all had panleukopia which is similar to the canine parvo virus. Their white blood cell counts were so low, the doctor felt they could not be saved and we did not want to have them suffering any longer. Since their vet visit on Wednesday, a considerable amount of weight was lost. RIP Sweet Ava, Sophia, and Lucas, I wish we could have done better for you. ~ diana

8/4/17 – Please pray for these babies, Karl’s siblings, they were seen again by the doctor this past Wednesday and now they are back at the vet this morning. Two have lost a considerable amount of weight in just the last two days. Blood tests are being done and they will be receiving fluids. The third kitten has a slightly elevated temperature. We are very afraid that two will not make it. Fosters who can watch over these kittens 24/7 are sorely needed. If anyone is experienced and can assist, please private message me or contact Kim Miller of A Rejoyceful Animal Rescue: . ~ diana

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