Felix – Found With What Appeared to Be One Eye

8/13/17 – We were contacted about this “one-eyed kitty” who turned up at a family’s home. The eye was bulging and it was obvious that he needed immediate help. As I am so thankful to say, we sent the family and the kitty (now known as Felix) to Parker Veterinary. Fortunately, it was determined that the eye could be saved and now Felix is a member of a very loving family. ~ diana

felix w:hamishw:Julie turner 8:11:17felix w:julie turner 8:11:17felix w:julie turner--8:11:2017“Thank you 4 Paws 1 Heart for helping this wonderful family be able to get vetting for Felix so they could adopt him. Felix did not lose his eye, is doing great and has become great buddies with Hamish, the bottle baby I transported to them in August 2015!! Thank you Karri Kerr-darling and family for being saviors to these two as well as the two girls rescued from my nieces house last year, you are wonderful!! ❤️~ Julie”

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