Amelia – She was Found on the Side of the Road with a Broken Arm

9/19/17 – Another generous donor has offered a MATCHING CHALLENGE. Over the next week, our supporter will match all donations up to $500. As I’ve often said this summer, we have helped with some very serious cases where the animals would have otherwise been euthanized.
This is Amelia. She was found on the side of the road. The rescuer had her a few days before contacting us. Amelia was very weak and couldn’t move, walk, or stand. She was very flea infested and could not put weight on her right front paw.
I authorized Amelia to be seen by one of our favorite doctors and it was determined that Amelia’s arm was broken and required amputation. She was also anemic from the flea infestation. It was also determined that Amelia had some issues with her other arm but the doctor believes she will be able to adjust. Amelia had her surgery and she quickly adapted. She will be looking for her forever family. If you are that family, please contact Chelsea at:
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