Hank – Found in a Manufacturing Shop – Now Loved and Cuddled

9/29/17 – I need to make sure everyone catches this happy beginning in light of all of the sadness lately. Hank started off showing up at about 8-9 weeks old in a shop with heavy equipment and temperatures reaching 100 degrees. Christie’s brother, who worked there, contacted her looking for help because he could not take in the kitten. Christie took in Hank and when bathing him she found a ‘hole’ in his chest. She was already on her way to her vet when she contacted me. I suggested that it could be a botfly and that we would cover medical if taken to one of our generous vets. When she got to her vet she was given antibiotics and told to return the next morning. Well, that night the botfly started to show its ugly head and Christie was able to get him out with tweezers–even though it “was disgusting”. After that, Christie and I agreed to have this baby get everything done at one of our faves, Patterson Veterinary Hospital. Though the family had no intention of keeping this little guy, they fell in love. Don’t you love happy beginnings??? Thanks, Christie and Family ~ dianahank w:8:8:17hank 8:8:17hank 9:29:17

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