Mickey – Found on the Streets Completely Blind – In His Forever Home

10/8/17 -Get the tissues ready. This is truly what it is all about. Thank You, Stacey Krahe Jerome and Barbara for saving Mickey. May God Bless all of you. ~ diana

“If you’re here looking for a pet to adopt then I feel you’re making the right decision.
A year ago in March I was on adopt a pet looking for a kitten. I had it pictured in my mind exactly what kind I wanted. The ones with the flat face and perfectly cute. Then I received an email about a kitten who had been abused and lost an eye in the process. At first I felt bad for it but still I wanted the perfect kitten. I have a disease with no cure that leaves scars. One night I started thinking about the letter and it hit me what if no one ever wanted me again because I wasn’t pretty anymore even though I do show lots of love and respect to others. Short story I wrote Stacy a letter pleading for this kitten and I got her. She is completely blind but gets around perfect and is the best pet I’ve ever had. She sleeps with me every night on the second floor she found herself. She never gets on top of the counters and plays fetch better than my two labs. She is so beautiful and for the rest of my life I’ll be adopting. She almost didn’t make it. Thank God she did. Please consider adoption and give the animal a chance.~ Barbara”mickey 10:8:17

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