Santa – Found With a Severe Upper Respiratory Infection

12/21/17 – While so many people are out shopping and getting ready for a Merry Christmas, there are caring people braving the bitter cold to save the many animals needing our help. We are so thankful to our supporters for giving us the opportunity to help those rescuers. Lori D. and Megan Blass from Friends of Scooby are two of those people. Lori has been taking care of a cat community and in the process discovered a 12 week old kitten we named Santa, because we didn’t know the gender. Our good friends at Hartrick Veterinary took her in as soon as she was trapped and found that this little girl was under weight, had a low body temperature, a severe upper respiratory infection with both eyes infected. and is not eating at this time. Santa is already looking a little better and we will pray that she has a full recovery and finds her way into a permanent home. ~ dianaSanta 12:20:17Santa 12:20:17 w:lori Dz

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