Gizmo – Critically Ill; Found on the Streets

2/12/18 – Another happy beginning for Gizmo. I also want to do a huge shout out to Oakland Veterinary Referral Services (OVRS) for all of their analysis and recommendations and for keeping our expenses always in mind. The staff of Oakland Veterinary Referral Services truly puts the animals first. We are so happy for Gizmo. ~ diana

Jecol Talbot to 4 Paws 1 Heart

Huge Thank You to 4paws1heart, Diana and Rachel, for getting Gizmo (a tiny sick under 1lb kitten we rescued few months ago) the help and medical support he needed to get heathy and cleared for what we thought was going to be an outrageous surgery due to his birth defects being ignored from his 1st exam…but after 3 opinions and necessary tests, he’s going to be ok and on 3 meds to get him there! I couldn’t of did it with out you guys and those who support 4paws1heart!! Thank you!!😻gizmo w:jecol 2:9:18

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