Twyla – Update

2/21/18 -Positive update on Twyla.

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23 hrs ·

Wooooohooooo!!!! Yippeeeee!!!! Yay!!!!!
Dr. Z just called with the results of Twyla’s bloodwork…her fatty liver episode is over!!!!
Her jaundice is gone, her leg looks good, she is off all meds!!! We just have to monitor her food intake and her body weight closely, but….YAY!!!
This is what your donations to 4 Paws 1 Heart are for, saving lives! If not for 4p1h and their amazing vets Dr. Zalac & Dr. Blasses, Twyla would 100% not have survived her ordeal. Thankyou 4 Paws 1 Heart, and thankyou to your wonderful donors for all you do! ❤”twyla 2:21:18twyla 1:30:18twyla 2:21:18---

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