Benji – Rescued Shortly Before Being Taken to a Shelter

3/8/18 – A wonderful woman in the 4 Paws 1 Heart family contacted me about a nice gentleman named Joe who took Benji in to find a home for him after he noticed the neighbor hitting him with her walking stick & threatening to poison him. Her cats were also beating him up whenever he tried being friendly with them. With some help from Mary Lou, Benji (grey kitty) is now in a wonderful home with a special education teacher & her family (including his new human brother & even a fur brother whom he adores!. As Mary Lou wrote: “Thank you so much for helping with his vetting to ensure he has a wonderful life now!!! We couldn’t have done it without 4 paws 1 heart!!” Here is his new mom’s update. ~ diana

“Benji came to us through the power of social media. My dear friend Mary Lou is a dedicated animal rescuer. She cross- posted about a stray being taken care of by an older gentleman who was planning to take him to a shelter by Saturday afternoon as he was unable to keep him permanently. I watched as the post was shared and shared (over 100 times) but the deadline drew near. I don’t know what drew me too this little guy but, I couldn’t stand the idea of him being taken to a shelter and facing an uncertain future. When 4 Paws offered to support an adopter with the costs, which we would not have been able to afford at this time, we knew that this little guy was meant to be ours. He has been named Benji and is quickly establishing himself as a quirky and loving member of the household. He loves his cat friend Rocket and his humans too! -Melissa”benji w:rachel gerstnerbenji:rachel:3:9:18

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