Ruby and Bunny – After Losing 4 Siblings, Visited the Vet

4/3/18 – Our Feline Mascot and Superhero, Chance, updated us on Ruby and Bunny’s visit:

“Helloooo Team! So Ruby & Bunny are home, fed and sweetly sleeping. Both girls hearts & lungs sound good. They are both hydrated, neither appears to have any fluid in their tummys or around their lungs. Neither of the girls have any signs of upper respiratory infection. Ruby had a bit of diarrhea this morning, but has since cleared up. Bunny has not pood yet today, but we’re not worried about that for another day or so. Bunny is in better body condition and is stronger then Ruby. They are too tiny for bloodwork or a fecal. Those are the things we do know. Dr. Wilson told mom not to change anything shes doing, she doing everything right. That made mom feel better, but what didn’t make mom feel better is that she had to take the babies out of our bedroom. Since we don’t know for sure what the other babies died from and we don’t know for sure that Ruby & Bunny don’t have anything, we cant take any chances with the Gang. It hurts moms heart to have them in the next room, and not in our room where she can hear every sound. Moms thinking she may need a baby monitor. Anyway, Dr. Wilson told mom everything to watch for and if we need her to just call her, she thinks our girls may need a little extra help. We just have to wait, watch & pray 🙏Thankyou to 4 Paws 1 Heart for being there for our baby girls today. If you would like to donate to help with Ruby & Bunnys vet needs please go
Oops! 2 more things, 1. The umbilical cords fell off today! 2.ruby 4:2:18 Per Dr. Wilson the girls will not be going back to mama even if she is caught because we don’t know if she has something that could be passed through her milk or saliva that may have been passed to our sweet babies that died.
ruby and bunny 4:2:18bunny 4:2:18

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