Cypress – Her Dad Was Called Into Service and Then She Contracted the Parvo Virus

6/8/18 – I received a call from one of the veterinary hospitals we work with. A couple just picked up a dog from their brother who is in the Navy. The brother had recently rescued the dog and received orders that he was going on assignment. The sailor’s brother agreed to foster the dog while the dad was gone. On their way back from North Carolina, the dog, Cyprus, became ill and was immediately taken to the vet when they got home. Cyprus was diagnosed with Parvo Virus. We were thankful to be able to take on Cyprus’ care so his dad can just concentrate on serving our Country. Today he is doing well but now the brother’s dog is showing signs of contracting the disease. Please say a prayer for both dogs. This is sweet Cyprus ~ dianacyprus --6:8:18 cyprus 6:8:18

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