Mama Cat II – She Showed Up Limping With a Deep Neck Wound – Then She Couldn’t Walk

6/7/18 – Mama Cat II – It was late March when I received the following e-mail:
“Hi Diana, thank you so much for responding to my message; you caught me in a good moment. I’m bawling my eyes out right now because I’ve done everything I thought was right and helping her heal and now this has just become a mess and I feel horrible. I’m the biggest animal lover and I just don’t have the money to take care of her the way that I want to do and I’m starting to feel hopeless. I don’t know anything about this cat all I know is she’s a lover and she’s happy for the care that she’s getting; she just wants to kiss you and love you. I live in Fenton. I found her almost two weeks ago; she showed up limping in my yard and I thought it was just the deep wound on her neck that I needed to clean out and heal. I kept her in my bedroom so that she could be comfortable and heal. And now she’s worse than what I thought and I just don’t know what to do. She can’t walk. Gosh you don’t know how much I appreciate your help. I do anything and everything that I can do for these animals out here even the turtles LOL I stop the traffic to get the turtles to cross the road without being hit.
If I can’t find her owner I would be willing to take her just because I feel it’s the right thing to do. I think she may be approximately 5 or 6 years old but I’m not for sure
Thank you so much for reaching out and helping I really appreciate you. ~ Laura”

Well, an owner was never found and we had Laura and Mama Cat see one of our favorite vets, all the way on the east side ( a long drive from Fenton) and it was determined that Mama Cat should see another favorite vet, Dr. Kern of Pawsitive Steps Rehabilitation & Therapy for Pets. Mama was finally able to see Dr. Kern and although she is now walking, she is still a little shaky and she will be starting therapy. As always, we are thankful for all of our supporters who make these kinds of miracles possible. ~ dianaMama Cat II -- 6:7:18 mama Cat II 6:7:18

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